Brand and logo creation along with a legal advice and intellectual property availability research

Trinity Tech Design Logo and Brand IP Safe

Every business goes through the hustle of choosing the right logo and brand designs. It is a very important process but most of the time the availability for current or future trademark registration and possible legal conflict with a third party is neglected or forgotten. 


We have developed the ‘Logo & Brand IP Safe’ package alongside our partners from BV&KO, where each of us does what we do best - we design awesome visual content and our partners provide professional legal advice and trademark availability research. 


The result is that we not only provide a complete and ready-to-use visual content solution for businesses but also certify that all of the graphical products are not in any legal conflict and are free to be further registered as a trademark.


If you are interested in learning more about the legal part of the package please check out BV&KO.